Back to the Dark Ages under Labour

Labour-run Derbyshire County Council is accused of plunging the county into darkness as the number of broken street lights continues to rocket.

Deputy Leader of the Conservative Opposition on the Council, Councillor Simon Spencer said whole streets are left unlit because of the council's failure to maintain thousands of street lights across Derbyshire.

"There is a massive backlog of broken street lights plunging local communities into darkness," said Councillor Spencer.

"And when residents report the problem they are being told it will be months before the lamps are repaired. It's just not good enough."

Almost 18 months ago, the Council decided to replace old-style bulbs with longer-lasting LED lights. But Councillor Spencer says a nine-month delay in appointing contractors and a policy of not maintaining existing lights and allowing them to black out is causing a serious problem. 

"The Council is focusing almost all its resources on its LED replacement programme leaving just a handful of staff to repair broken lights," added Councillor Spencer.

"So while the lights shine brightly in the Labour heartlands, the rest of the county is paying the price.

"Not only is it unfair and inefficient, it is putting local communities, drivers and pedestrians in danger. This is just another example of Labour inefficiency."