Conservatives continue fight to protect Green Belt in North East Derbyshire

The new Conservative administration at North East Derbyshire District Council has made new representations for further protection of our Green Belt.
The Council has formally written to the Planning Inspector (who is currently considering the draft Local Plan) to reiterate the commitment to protecting the Green Belt and highlighting new information which, the council believes, questions the need for development sites on Green Belt land. 
The inspector has acknowledged the letter and has pointed to potential ways forward, which we are now assessing.
“The previous Labour administration have left us with no new Local Plan for many years and a legacy of poor decision making which it will take time to sort out. So the road ahead is not easy but we will continue to represent residents and fight for our Green Belt and rural character, which is such a vital part of our North East Derbyshire landscape,” said Cllr Charlotte Cupit, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment. 
“This Government is rightly clear that development on Green Belt land should only be sanctioned in exceptional circumstances. We are looking at all the options to support a rethink and encourage the Inspector to reconsider.

“Unlike Labour who got us into this mess and the Lib Dems who want to build a new town or village in the Green Belt or the Peak Park, it’s the Conservatives in North East Derbyshire who are really fighting to protect the rural character of our district.”

The letters will be available online shortly under the "Latest News and Updates" tab of the Local Plan Examination website: