The Proposals

A Local Plan includes a vast array of different proposals from any range of topics such as heritage, transport, housing, open space, the green belt, economy, shopping etc.

However, understandably for most people the key issue of concern will be the housing and employment site allocations, which, in the case of the northern towns of Dronfield, Eckington and Killamarsh, are predominantly on the green belt.

The draft Local Plan is a very large document and we advise residents to try to read or glance over as much of it as you can, as proposals relating a lot of different topics are well spread out within it. However, to assist you in finding what you may be looking for, below is a list of links to specific pages within the document.

Local Plan (full document)

Green Belt Maps

Allocations (Housing/Employment) Maps

List of Housing Allocations

Details of Housing Allocations

Employment Land Availability and Allocations 

Safeguarded Land (land removed from the green belt and "safeguarded" for future long term development)